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 ARC 1: The Witch Hunt

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PostSubject: ARC 1: The Witch Hunt    Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:31 pm

ARC ONE: The Witch Hunt

There's a rumor that was roaming around the academy about four witches who once took control of the school and almost the neighborhood. Nobody does not know who the witches were other than the fact that they were dangerous. The only information that's known about the witches is a book that's was left around the Multipurpose Room in the Koshin Academy. Written by an author by the name of "N", he was the last person who recorded the overall characters of these witches such as who they were, their purpose, what are some qualities they may have, and what they can do if they are not stopped. The presence of each witch are indicated by a four candles. For every candle that's lit, a witch is in the school. The candles are not easily extinguishable as one would expect. It is until the curse is lifted that the witches may be forever gone.

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ARC 1: The Witch Hunt
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