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 ARC 1: Part I - Our Story Thus Far

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PostSubject: ARC 1: Part I - Our Story Thus Far   Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:29 pm

After countless volleyball practices and random meets with random students, the vibe of the surrounding neighborhood of Koshin Academy has changed after the Student Council witnessed something unusual in the academy's multipurpose room. Several of the students began to pit themselves against one another all because of the influence of the ghosts that now influence the social life of the surrounding neighborhood of Koshin Academy. The friendship of two characters, Tadayoshi and Keitaro are hanging by a thread because of the ghosts' influence over them. As Keitaro teases Tadayoshi for his "Lolita fetish", Tadayoshi suddenly had a change of heart and perspective of his life goals as a whole. Keitaro assumes that Tadayoshi is merely running away from his past after both of their families were part of a financial scandal that happened back then. While both of them thought that only one ghost was present, another one seemed to have appeared but now possessing Keitaro. This ghost however, would appear more violent to the point where it caused Keitaro to become unconscious despite appearing "dead". All that remains in the mystery are markings around Keitaro's wrist that resembles chain links.
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ARC 1: Part I - Our Story Thus Far
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