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 "The White Bouquet Policy" - Death of a Character

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PostSubject: "The White Bouquet Policy" - Death of a Character   Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:37 pm

The White Bouquet Policy as of January 14, 2015:

The death of a character can be complicated as well as debatable. With life comes death and in this roleplay, it's sometimes unavoidable if you are willing to start a plot-line that's more dark than what others initially intended. To ensure fairness in the entire roleplay, you will have to do the following so that a character is declared to be dead:

  • You must briefly describe in at least a paragraph, the events that had happened. Include the involved parties who are in the scene.
  • Provide snapshot(s) of the incident. Please use the spoiler BBCode to collapse the images. Refer to the BBCode Guide on the top right of your screen.
  • If for some reason both parties cannot come into an agreement, the context of how the death occurred would then be taken into consideration in determining whether or not the character should or should not die.

Do not try and make this as complicated as it need to be.

Have the header of your new topic as follows: [DEATH]: [THE IN-CHARACTER NAME]

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"The White Bouquet Policy" - Death of a Character
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